Bering – R.I.P.

There is a line in Emma that Mr. Knightley says something that seems to fit this experience.

“If I loved you less, I might be able to talk about it more.”

That is how I feel about my little Ber.

As much as I love my Hoodie-boy, I still miss my little Ber.  He was always called little because he was smaller than the big dog (Duke). Honestly, I think he may have been a really heavy Husky, kind of barrel shaped, but he carried it well. And no matter what, that beautiful face is what charmed everyone anyway.

I always thought Duke was handsome – at least to me – but Ber was a bit unusual and people just flocked to him. I do miss my little Bering boy.  Yes, he was upside-down for this picture. I have not turned it. And do love the snow nose.


Miss you my sweet boy.


My Little Bering

The Boy just decided that this day was the little dog’s birthday. bering-1He was a rescue from friends that found him after Hurricane Katrina – Huskies are know to run in storms. Actually run at any time. They just do that. We had two vets check for chips and nothing – how can you not chip your dog??

You know that the Boy only wanted two dogs –  a German Shepherd Dog and a Siberian Husky. How do you disappoint a Boy. I have to admit I did not want this Husky – he seemed to be a barker, but that was just a mistake on my interpretation. The Boy picked the name – from the Bering Sea. Huskies don’t really bark and when he got to our home and was with our German Shepherd Dog they were the best of friends. Duke (GSD) was about 3 months older than Bering (SH).

I do miss him, and I think about him so much that I want another Siberian Husky.  You  just have to love that snow nose.

My little Bering boy 

This post just seems to get harder each year. But I will not forget my duffus Siberian Husky. I loved the way he welcomed me home every night – with his chortling and talking. It is a total Husky thing.  MotH – I do want at least one more Husky and also a GSD. Yep. You have been given notice.


Bering – my sweet puppy boy

Love every once in a while how Bering would howl like a wolf. Not very often, but he still did it. Love how he probably would let a burglar in the house and showed them to the best stuff if you gave him something to eat. Duke would never ever do that. Bering totally would.

He was my* first sweet (puppy) boy. The Boy was so happy when we got him because this was one of the two dogs he always wanted. The first was a GSD and the other was a Siberian Husky. Not many kids get the exact dogs they want. The Boy came up with the name and with his geography brain he said Bering. It made so much sense. The two (dog) boys were close in age. Duke was about a year and Bering, when we rescued him was, according to the vet, about 9 months, so the dogs and the Boy grew up together. Best thing ever.

*Duke was always the MotH and the Boy’s dog. Not mine, but Duke always took care of me.

National Puppy Day

I had no idea that this was National Puppy Day. But I think that is a great idea, because I don’t think anything can make you feel better than a dog – no matter what the MotH says. I’ve loved all my pups (or puppers which how I usually refer to them.)

So today, I remember all my pupper friends. Two how I miss beyond words, and my little idiot (I’m the only one who can call him that) that I am so grateful for. Hate ending a sentence that way.


Bering – My Siberian Husky – Duke the best GSD ever

Hoodie Boy

Hood – my Border Collie / Labrador Mix – My little idiot

Duke & Bering

Bering & Duke


I know people think you have a forever dog. I think I have had two (so far). Bering (yes, named for the Bering Sea – great idea from the Boy), our Siberian Husky – wow – he pretty much didn’t do anything you ever told him to do, but that’s kind of, well, him. It’s a Husky thing. He was so beautiful. Perfect – not too light or too dark and with the bluest eyes you’ve ever seen. It is one of those things you have to get used to, a dog with blue eyes.  The best part – he didn’t like kids. He was a rescue, so we don’t know the whole story, but he was not your “Snow Dog.” I do miss him. I would have loved to have had more time with him and so often I think of him. The husky chortle (woo woo woo) when I came home from work was one of the best things ever and the occasional howl – just like a wild dog – in the backyard – slightly unnerving. Now one thing I never understood: why people, when they saw him, would ask “Is that a wolf?” Really? Who has a wolf as a pet – um, no one. He was a barrel of a dog and so missed by me, esp. that chortle. A Husky is a talker, that’s for sure. Oh, and he had a snow nose – look it up.

Duke is the best dog in the world. He was my first dog in every sense of the word. The Boy was so young, but he had a dog at 10 – the type of dog he wanted – a German Shepherd Dog. Probably a good age if you think about it and Duke thinks he and the Boy are brothers – it’s so cool. But there is just no denying that the GSD was linked, beyond belief, to the Man of the House. Duke puked on him on the way back from Homa, LA. It was funny, but I would never say that. The breeder was a lovely man, but Duke’s mom didn’t like kids or people really and when she was on her hind legs, she was as tall as me – just like Duke is – though he can’t do that anymore. And thankfully he has always had the best temperament.  I remember so many times having him out and about and little kids petting him and a couple of toddlers pinching his nose and practically sitting on him. So laid back  – he puts up with just about anything  – the best tempered dog ever. We will never be so lucky again.