Spring Cooking


Little creamer red potatoes – local and lovely,

We are spoiled living in Florida – even though it’s north Florida. And in the late winter, which for us is, um.  –  just spring. It hasn’t been all that many weeks ago and the Florida strawberries came in – they were beautiful, perfect, in fact, amazingly cheap. Asparagus comes in next – at least to my mind I really only like it in the spring or late spring, but once it gets over that period I have used it so much that I’m kind of over it.
One of my simple favorites is the tiny red creamer potatoes that are grown locally and sold in the farmers’ market. They are so simply delicious that they take very little to roast them and they are almost sweet when you eat them. I leave them out on the stovetop after roasting. just walk by and get one as I go along making everything else. They rarely last past the day they are made.

Just had a random though – I’m continually on the hunt for a perfect potato salad. Since these are perfect potatoes, why haven’t I tried to come up with that?? Jeez. To the farmers’ market we go.