Another complaint… about other peoples’ recipes. Ugh. Or language in general.

I have certain things that bug me about the way some recipes are put together. They are little annoyances, but they just get under my skin – a lot. Yes, a lot. So maybe not so much of a ‘little’ annoyance.

Titling your recipe as such, “Creamy Chicken Pasta Casserole Recipe.” Recipe is not necessary there. At. All.  It is implied. Please do not do this. It makes my brain hurt.

Wasting space by saying “ingredients” before the list of things needed to make the recipe. I really think that is self explanatory. Also, drop “procedure” or “method.” That should, again, be self explanatory.

Numbering the steps of a recipe.  Again, do things in the order they are listed – we don’t need numbers. We are not in kindergarten any more. Nope.

Describing what you are about to do – especially in bold, and then just telling us how to do things. See:

To make the crust: Pulse together …… etc.  Ditch everything before, and including,  the colon. Just tell me what to do without telling me what you are about to tell me. That is just damn stupid.

Can we see I have a problem? Yes.

We will not get into the problem I have with grammar in general, or maybe I will. This past year in particular it was “gifting.” Please shoot me. It almost as bad as “signage.”

Gift is a noun – not verb, even if Victorians used it as a verb on occasion, that is not excuse because I am pretty sure most people did not know Victorians used the word that way. You give someone a gift. You do not gift them anything. It just sounds ignorant.  I am pretty fucking sure the Victorians also did not have “signage.”  Another stupid word that does not exist in the real world. Yes, I also know how quotes work.

Wow, this rant has gone on for way more than I expected. But it makes me feel pretty good. Sweet. But the sad thing is, I could just go on for about ever about stupid grammar things.

And I think that makes me a prig. But, truth be told, I know I can be a prig when it comes to grammar and language. Well, enough said. Perhaps.




Recipe Keeping – sometimes this is a pain (PITA)

How do you keep recipes? Just wondering. No pictures today, but just wondering what other people think. If you would be so inclined to respond.

I tend to print recipes (and write all over them) and keep them in several binders, then I also have a drive with folders and some are on Evernote and some on my old blog. Some I just know by heart and need nothing to make them – there are many of those. I just spent two evenings last week sorting through recipes (new and old) and along the way, I edited – looked at each recipe and think “Will I ever really make this?” Lots ended up in the recycle bin which makes me feel bad and I need to edit earlier in the process – like before printing in particular. And killing more trees. Ugh.

I wish I could develop a system that truly works for me, but using cookbooks, family recipes that I know by heart, a few magazines, recipe “ideas” (with no step by step instructions), and things found on the recipe sites I trust, and of course, other blogs. How are you supposed to keep it all straight?

My first blog and this one were a way to keep up with things, but sometimes it gets a bit out of hand. I wander around with a stack of recipes I want to try – just printed, pulled from binders, etc. Trying to make them fit into the right time of year makes it even more difficult. Ugh. I’m supposing this is a complete first world problem, but I’d like to have a set of things to pass down to the Boy and his future wife (hope I like her) and their kids. Otherwise, why are we here? You get my genetics by default, but I’d love for you to know the recipes that come from different people in our family.

Such as my spinster (yep, they used the word) Aunt Rhodie’s chow chow recipe. She was really my great aunt, my grandmother’s sister and was partially deaf (seems mostly like when she wanted to be – that’s what my grandma always said) and never married but lived with my grandmother and grandfather, but she could totally rock the chow chow.  Now the recipe makes gallons so I’ll have to down size it to make it manageable, but is it worth the effort? I believe it is. Especially when you put it on some black-eyed peas – my favorite way to eat it. Otherwise black-eyed peas – kind of meh. Interesting the only reason I have the recipe is because my mom asked for it. This was my father’s aunt, but my mom appreciated it – probably because it could get me to eat black-eyed peas if for no other reason. I don’t remember my mom ever making it. Can’t blame her. Why do that when Aunt Rhodie would do it for us? Just get a few jars from the basement of the house – which also held the washing machine – clothes were dried on the line.

So to me, family recipes are important. I honor my mom by wanting to make things that she appreciated. I honor my great-aunt Rhodie by loving (and hopefully next summer), making her recipe. And I hope one day, I will teach the Boy how to make home made mac and cheese (he’s never had the boxed stuff – thank you very much), baked beans, sloppy joes, chili, squash pickles, and maybe even hot pepper jelly – and I could just go on and on … family recipes. I still have so much to do and I hope above hope to have plenty of time to do it.