Summer Solstice, oh wait, nope. 

Well, it is officially the longest day of the year – but we will never know that because we’re sitting under days of rain from TS Cindy. I don’t know what the official mark is in inches right now, but when it is over it should be an interesting number. There is localized flooding, and our roof leaked – likely because of the odd angle the wind was blowing the rain – and it’s just crappy and dreary. So, there we are – no longest day of the year.
That said, the Summer Solstice is really just the beginning of the end. After that, every day gets just a little shorter. Until we do it all over again at the winter solstice.  When the days start to get longer.

Odd that the summer solstice makes me slightly depressed but the winter solstice makes me happier, but this year in particular the summer makes me sad – it does. Damnation. But at least I don’t have to wear a hat and worry about the sun for a few days. Somehow that is not does not really make me feel much better.

I think the rain will last at least one more day. Hopefully it will make me sleepy tonight and I will not have to put up with leaks in the closet or those damn tree frogs at 4:30 in the frigging morning. Steve needs to kill them, and I cannot believe I am saying that because I do not like to kill really green strange frogs, but last night – lord have mercy. Let us all hope tonight will be better.

So here is our life …

It’s raining … again.

It rains pretty much every day in our part of Florida during the summer. It is annoying to some degree, but mostly it is a good thing. Do not have to water the garden or my potted Meyer lemon and it does bring the temperatures down. But this weekend was an experience. Hurricane Patricia hit a front that was coming our way and – boom – lots o rain. While it is not as bad as Texas – thankfully – it just keeps coming. It is the way a storm works and it is pulling water up out of the gulf just to say hello to us. And with gusts that feel like tropical storm which I really enjoy – you can go outside – get rained on but not worry about lightening – okay – I love it. It is not terrible, but it definitely is different. Tomorrow is supposed to be the same and I’m kind of excited about it. It is not a hurricane, or a tropical storm, but it has all the best parts of both – if that makes a weird sort of sense.   Guess it is a Gulf Coast thing. I can hear another line of rain coming in right now and I am thinking that will make sleeping tonight some kind of excellent.