Get it Right – my favorite kitchen company.

Several years ago I saw a New York Times posting on great kitchen things to give for Christmas. The one that caught my eye was Get it Right spatulas. I had pretty much your every day crappy spatulas at the time – you know – too big, stained easily, couldn’t put in the dishwasher because of wood handles, etc. and so these were really intriguing. They were pharma grade silicon, all one piece (no wood handles), in pretty colors and I had finally found an ultimate spatula that fit my small hands.* So I ordered a couple. And then a couple more. And then a few more. Shipping was free if you spent a minimal amount – no brainer. I really do need to get the bacon spatula if no other reason than just to say I have a bacon-colored spatula. Someone has a sense of humor and I appreciate it.

When I am in a baking mood, I can really go through spatulas and the GIR spatulas were dish washer safe – hell – they were safe up to 464 degrees F. I bought colors to go with my kitchen and then with my mood – first it was lemon yellow, and lime green, and orange – all my favorite colors and my favorite citrus. Then when winter turned bleak I ordered grey and black. Finally when spring started to come around again, a robin’s egg blue.

Well, this past year Get it Right had a kickstarter for there newest venture – a ladle and a spoonula – a cross between spoon and spatula – so I signed up. I have never been disappointed in anything from them and once again, I went the citrus route – orange and green. This was my Christmas present to me. And I know I made a good deal of it and I do love supporting a company that I feel like I’ve been with from the beginning. To be a bit of a dorky food geek – this is my football team. dd_1743

The coolest thing is that I have recently seen America’s Test Kitchen endorse them and use their spatulas in there show – how about that.  Get It Right has lots of other things too, but these are just my favorites. Please check them out – you will be really happy you did.

*This was important for me. I really have small hands and some spatulas are just too difficult to work with.

Thing of the Month: Get it Right Spatula


Get it Right Spatula – in yellow (my favorite color)

I just lucked (is that a word?) into this.Thank you New York Times gift guide – That sounds silly, but in this case it’s true – and now that I’ve found these spatulas, I seem to see them everywhere, and understand why. I think I will be ordering several more (yes, today). This is a spatula that is silicon based and fits me perfectly.  I do love my America’s Test Kitchen recommended spatula, but to be honest, it’s a bit large for me – too long, though it does work well.

The company’s Get it Right (@GIR) mission is to revolutionize the spatula and I’m a huge fan of that. While I did not find them in their kickstarter phase, I am glad that people did because the comments were encouraging and I just went ahead and ordered my first spatula in December. It is amazing. I told the Man of the House, I may will just order one every month to replace the ones I have. The colors are lovely and varied. I ordered yellow first, because that is my favorite color. Lime green will be next, and then maybe something moody, like black. I love that they are heat proof to 464 degrees and heat resistant to 550 degrees. Not that I plan to do anything like that, but – okay – I’m a fan girl now.

I hope anyone who reads this will realize that $16 for a spatula, that is perfect, is something worth purchasing and there is no shipping fee is it’s over $10. How can you not do this? I am a total convert.

I suppose that some bloggers put a disclaimer at this point about who funded this post, but I don’t have to since… well. I love this spatula. I can’t wait to get my next one (woo hoo!). And you should too!