Apple Market Ham Salad

Okay, this is another thing that I have found that someone, Apple Market, does so much better than any version I have ever made. Yes, it is ham salad.

Let’s just get all the disclaimers out of the way. I will eat deli ham on occasion – see chicken, cheddar, apricot sandwich in which ham plays a key role. But a big ol’ Easter ham is not for me. The cut is too thick and I just do not care for it which is slightly interesting since I really like the vast majority of the rest of the pig (pork) parts a lot, no really, A Lot.

The MotH says this ham salad is too sweet and I am guessing that is the sweet relish, but I really really like it.

Apple Market is an interesting place. It is a local (yeah) small grocery store that has a great deli, excellent beer selection, a real butcher shop, sushi, really fresh dairy, and I think they employ most of the teen-aged kids from the area of East Pensacola Heights. They were one of the first grocery places to open after Ivan and after that you could tell that they had increased the generator back ups for the whole store.

Apple Market is a real treat. I do not get there as often as I would like, but since I have had the ham salad recently, I am motivated. May not look like much, but you should envy me. Yes, you should. D&D_1849

Okay? Does it look like cat food? Or is that just me? Sigh. I just stay up too late. I really should not say that, but the idea just struck me. No matter – it tastes amazing. And I am going back this weekend for more. Yep. Also to see if they have some really old chickens that will make a great chicken and rice.

Winter Storms – do not have names.

This is just so annoying. Tropical storms have names. Too many names to recall ….

Hurricanes have names. We have had Ivan, Dennis, & Katrina,  since we have been in hurricane alley.

Winter storms – no. names. ever.

I think it is just something the Weather Channel does to increase ratings. People, it is called winter and, guess what – that means you in the north get snow in February and those of us in north Florida are in the low 70’s with polo shirts and jeans. Until we get two good days of cold, which for us, is winter. Suck it.

Granted, you northerns get your revenge when we said hurricanes make landfall and we are miserable in August or September or October. Turn about is fair play, non?


A real hurricane – Ivan


Hurricane Ivan

When we lived in North Carolina and had the ice storm of 2002, we laid in the bed and listened to the pine trees bend and break – they sounded like rifle shots – and you just hoped they did not fall into the roof. That was a long night. I made the mistake of saying that I could handle a hurricane better. I have an excuse – we had no electricity and no real fire wood for the the unused fireplace and it was 17 F outside. We took everything out of the Fridge and put it on the back porch – it was colder than the Fridge with no power.

Wow – it was so great to have friends – it made a world of difference. One friend had another friend that could give us real wood for the fireplace. Another friend lent us a hotel room to take a shower. Thank you Carolina Inn. And I still went to work. We had events to do.


Little did I know that we would get a hurricane just a bit over two years later in Pensacola. Ugh. We are in hurricane alley after all. This is why you do not say things like, “I could handle a hurricane better.” No really. Do Not Say This.

But the interesting thing is that an Ice Storm and a Hurricane smell the same – they both smell like a Christmas tree lot – it is the pine tar. So very similar.

Ivan was a major nightmare for our region, but we deal with it. It is just what we do. And the damn storm came back for us again. 2004 was a year. Indeed.

Just a little defeated …

My fridge and freezer stopped working (or to put it a little more vulgarly – puked) this weekend. It is painful to throw so much away, but it has to be done. I’ve done this once before after Hurricane Ivan and that was pretty awful too.

I was able to save some things I store in the freezer just for longer term storage, i.e. – they didn’t technically need to be there and could deal with a few days outside the cold, but good lord, the things I had to get rid of. It’s pretty much terrible.

So, I saved all my nuts (pecans, walnuts, almonds), my chips (semi-sweet, butterscotch, white) and some banana nut bread, and about four pounds of butter (again, stored in freezer for convenience). But lost pasta sauce, quiche (which was an experiment to see if it would handle being frozen and reheated), frozen spinach, lemonade concentrate, hot dogs, heavy cream, buttermilk, eggs, cranberries, chopped peppers for pepper jelly, squash pickles, cottage cheese, schmaltz, bacon drippings, etc. Just feel defeated. I know this is nothing of epic proportion, but it does take the wind out of your sails a bit.

Need to restock – a little at a time. But I guess the silver lining is that the freezer and fridge are cleaned out and that’s kind of nice in it’s own way. And they are both working again – after only two visits from the repairman.

Tomorrow we have a Mardi Gras potluck and the plan was for a Pecan Cream Cake with cream cheese frosting, but with no guarantee of a fridge, that wasn’t an option, so I went for cookies instead. Salted Butterscotch Pecan Cookies to be exact. But I will still have that Pecan Cream Cake in my future.