National Dog Day

Today is National Dog Day, so I think I will begin operation Get Another Dog in earnest now. Up to this point, I have been casually dropping hints that the MotH* has consistently ignored, but I think I will put the spurs to it, as it were, and actively start looking for a dog that I want.

That raises the question – what kind of dog do I really want? My first knee-jerk reaction would immediately be a German Shepherd Dog, but I am wondering if that makes sense going forward. I would always compare any GSD to Duke and I just do not think it could possibly measure up. IMG_0041

And then there is Bering. The  Boy wanted two types of dogs, a GSD and a Siberian Husky. When our friends rescued a Husky right after Hurricane Katrina, I was not enthusiastic. It seemed that he was noisy. Guess I did not know anything about a Husky. The Boy picked the name, it was the Bering Sea. And lord help me, the Husky was beyond words beautiful. I miss my little puppy friend. It is a damn shame that cancer took him at six years despite all the efforts we made.


Then we got the idiot. He was bred to be a service dog. The group thought that mixing a Border Collie and a Lab would make a good service dog. Funny, but I do not think this group will try to make that mix again, since 3 of the 4 of that litter totally washed out. But he is my little idiot and no one else can say that about my dumb little boy. He is my Hood. This the picture when I knew he was mine.

Hoodie Boy

*Man of the House

Egg Usage – by month – May 2016

17 May 2016 – 3 eggs – Yukon Gold Potato Salad

21 May 2016 – 3 eggs – Chicken Salad


Well, this was not the month for eggs. I had a slight serious thing for toffee and shortbread this month and neither involve eggs. So this month, my egg supply was used on some pretty amazing savory things.

Summer always has me thinking of potato salad. I did the same thing last year. I really need to get to the local farmers’ markets to find some local red new potatoes. The By-Pass Market in Milton is one of my favorite places because they have excellent, local, new red potatoes – and lots of other amazing local produce. I am always tempted to roast new potatoes because they become sweet (like candy) and we just eat them right off the roasting pan. They are so addictive. So they never seem to make it into potato salad.  I know what my future holds – a trip to the By-Pass Market.   Ce weekend.

I am a huge fan of chicken salad. I poach chicken breasts in water which I then save and serve to a totally underserving puppy – chicken water is an excellent thing for a pup. I usually make this simple – celery – peeled of course, shallots, Duke’s mayonnaise, a little Dijon mustard, parsley, and, of course, a few boiled eggs. Simple, but so very good.

Will have to do better in June in both the butter usage and egg usage, but I am not thinking it is going to go well. I am still a little off my game, but I will make up for that.

Yes. Yes, I will. You just have to work through things and to me cooking and baking makes me happy.

Things our Dogs like to eat that we gladly share with them

This is not in any preference order, just as I think of them.
Peanut butter. Totally. GIR spatula really helped getting the last bit of p’nut butter out of the jar for the pups. And it’s one of those things that they just love.

Cottage cheese. They know the sound of the container opening. Even when it’s sour cream, which I don’t think they will like. But it makes the same noise, not surprising. 

Any other kind of cheese being grated, except the expensive stuff (Parmesan) and I have made that clear. You cannot have expensive cheese.

But a sandwich for the Man of the House and they do know that sound (thank you Panera) and he does like to give them cheese because that’s not his favorite thing (but it is mine).

Sweet potatoes, cooked and mashed.

Eggs, several ways. Hard boiled or scrambled, or any other way they come.

I should also do a list (there I go with the lists again) of words the GSD knows. It’s quite extensive.


Duke and Bering – my best boys.

Perhaps, also, a list of all the names and nicknames we (I) call our dogs too

Hood – The Border Collie

Hoodie Boy

Hood – The Border Collie

Well, he may not look like much of one, but I can assure you – He is. At least in his own lovely mind. We took Hood in three years ago this month. He was bred to be a service dog. The organization, I think, thought the lovely temperment of a Labrador and the smarts of a Border Collie was a good idea. Well, I’m just guessing that won’t be happening again any time soon ever. There were 4 pups in the litter and while I had never had any contact with the one female, I have met all the boys. Imagine my surprise when they all washed out. Hood supposedly washed out for a hip. I’m thinking now after three years, I know the real reason. And it’s funny ( Yes, another Doctor Who reference).

Don’t get me wrong. Hood is a wonderful dog, but you need to know what he is. He is a Border Collie, but in a short-haired Labrador body. I am every day thankful for the short hair. Having had more than one double-coated dogs, he is a blessing in this department. But a Border Collie is a working dog and a guard dog. They are, I have decided, pretty damn stubborn and guard-doggy. I am fairly confident that it was his stubbornness that washed him out. And expect the same thing happened with his brothers.

He is a lovely creature, but I’m glad I’ve had another guard dog (German Shepherd Dog) before or he would be a huge handful. Don’t let that sweet face fool you. His brain is always going, which is pretty cool, but that whole Labrador thing? Well, nothing took – at. all. Except the short hair (thankfully).

Oh, and the strange name. Well all dogs in this litter were H dogs. That’s how they do things. There was Hoodlum, Hugh, and Hudson. But there was no way I was going to yell “Hoodlum” across the dog park. And Hood now really fits. I call him Hoodie or Hoodie-Boy most of the time. He is also called pretty boy, but I think that might just embarrass him a bit.