It is August – what’s with the pumpkins??

This happens every year. It is so amazingly annoying. Why are pumpkin recipes showing up in my in box in friggin August? Okay, I get that it may be towards the end of summer in parts of the country. But for the lord’s sake, it isn’t even Labor Day yet. Do we have to anticipate this much.

Hello, Williams Sonoma – I do not want pumpkin plates in August. Do you not have an algorithim for different zip codes? We’ll be damn lucky if it gets cool in, um, November. Right now we are worried about record heat, serious rain fall, flooding, and the possibility of hurricanes. Fuck pumpkins.* Not everyone lives in the north east. I am really thinking the people in California are feeling the same way – excepting the hurricane bit.

dd_img_0850-edit*Sorry, slightly rude, but so on point.

Labor Day

I know for large parts of America, Labor Day is the end of summer, but for us in the NW Florida Gulf Coast, it is still summer. It is still hotter than hell, but the kids are already back in school (so sorry kids). So while lots of people have grand Labor Day plans that involve food, I don’t, with the exception of getting time for me to make some new (or old) recipes.

Summer, for us, is a matter of temperature, not calendar. And all you damn people with your pumpkin crap can just (expletive) go away. Sorry. It is just too damn early. We are still wearing shorts and tank tops and really cute sandals (thank you very much). Why can’t people wait for the actual season. I am sure if I go out to Target say, there will be Halloween stuff out even though the kids just started back at school. Ugh. I hate that. Same goes for Thanksgiving and Christmas as well .

I guess this is the season of me complaining again.  I think I might have spelled that correctly, which would be a big shock.