Margarita Day – February 22

D&D_0741I just don’t get why Margarita Day is in February. Who thought that was a good idea anyway?  It’s cold outside (even here in Florida), at least in our hemisphere, so who wants an iced, and/or frozen drink of any kind? Ugh.

To my mind, Margarita Day should be in August – When it is hot outside and a cold lime flavored drink is just excellent. I realize citrus is at it’s peak now, but you can get Persian limes any time of year. Now here’s the thing though, if I want a margarita, I want a good one. Fresh lime juice, no overly sweet sour-mix – ugh the chemicals there are too horrid to think of. Decent tequila, but not ridiculous expensive tequila. After all, it is a drink with fruit juice and salt. Not a fan of triple sec, but do like a splash of Grand Marnier. I have to go with salt. It is the thing to balance the drink. Otherwise it is just too friggin’ sweet.

Or the other drink you could have in the summer is a Coronarita. A mix of a Corona (a very small one) with a Margarita – again, must be really hot outside for this to work. Otherwise – ugh.

This year Margarita Day is on a Monday. Guess I won’t get to enjoy it. At least not out anywhere. Nope, won’t even enjoy it at home. We really never have any liquor in the house. It will just be beer.

But stay tuned for some lime dessert in honor of the day.

A Year Ago – Margarita Day