Good Friday 2014

Well, as odd a day as it was. It ended up being a very good Friday. That’s the day the MotH had a LAD heart attack – commonly known as a widow maker – lovely, right?

Well, he knew the signs from being a former EMT (jaw pain is a big give away – keep that in mind) and woke me at about 5:20am saying we were going to the ER. Talk about getting dressed really really fast – and also not worrying about what you look like.

It seems early on a Friday morning is a prime time to go to the ER – no one was there. He went right in and they hooked him up the the machine and thought it was broke. Nope – he was just broke. The cardiologist came in sooner than I ever would have expected and did a stent, but instead of going through the groin – which takes forever – he went in through the wrist. I had never heard of anything like it, but lord it was so much quicker. Like 2 hours total.

Either way, all went well, but to be honest, I don’t ever want to go through something like that again. And I hope you never have to either.

April 18, 2014