My Little Meyer Lemon Tree


My Little Meyer

My little Meyer lemon tree. I’ve had it for 8 years now in a pot and it is the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree of Meyer lemon trees, but this is my best crop ever  –  3 Meyer lemons. I am way too excited. Yes, this is kind of sad.

The first time I had Meyer lemons I really did not have any idea what they were – same thing happened with blood oranges, but that is a different story entirely. There was a little farm stand in Tallahassee not far from my place on Thomasville Road. These lemons were amazing. I had already been making lemon curd – Thank you Martha Stewart’s Pies and Tarts (had this book for donkey years), but I knew this would take it to something much more elevated (even if I did not know that word at the time – which I did not).  Although I never had fresh eggs like Martha did – just check out the book – it does make a difference. Meyer Lemon is a heritage Citrus × meyeri, and is a citrus fruit native to China thought to be a cross between a true lemon and a mandarin. That’s what I like to think since I grew up very near where the real mandarin oranges are from – Mandarin, Florida (Jacksonville) – yep. A very beautiful little area.

So I ordered this “tree” online for $20 and it was barely a seedling, but I baby it year after year.  And I do love the smell of orange blossoms – which is what Meyer lemon blossoms smell like. It is such a nice thing in the late winter. It gets dark so early you just grasp at straws at this point. Even for us in Florida.

Meyer lemons are probably the best part of the winter. My wonderful mother-in-law has a friend that has a real grown up tree, just a neighborhood away and I always score a few Meyer lemons from her. So super. I kind if cherish them in a way, which make me hesitate to use them and that’s a bad thing.

So I shall makes some plans and Meyer lemon curd will be in the works before you know it.

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