It’s raining … again.

It rains pretty much every day in our part of Florida during the summer. It is annoying to some degree, but mostly it is a good thing. Do not have to water the garden or my potted Meyer lemon and it does bring the temperatures down. But this weekend was an experience. Hurricane Patricia hit a front that was coming our way and – boom – lots o rain. While it is not as bad as Texas – thankfully – it just keeps coming. It is the way a storm works and it is pulling water up out of the gulf just to say hello to us. And with gusts that feel like tropical storm which I really enjoy – you can go outside – get rained on but not worry about lightening – okay – I love it. It is not terrible, but it definitely is different. Tomorrow is supposed to be the same and I’m kind of excited about it. It is not a hurricane, or a tropical storm, but it has all the best parts of both – if that makes a weird sort of sense.   Guess it is a Gulf Coast thing. I can hear another line of rain coming in right now and I am thinking that will make sleeping tonight some kind of excellent.




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