Get it Right skinny spatula


Get It Right skinny spatula – orange

I know I said back in the bleak winter of January that I would order a black spatula next. But then we went through spring and this summer I finally got around to ordering my third spatula and I just couldn’t help myself … I stayed in the citrus colors that I started with – lemon, lime, and now orange. I did change up models though. I am now the proud owner of an orange skinny Get it Right spatula. Which meant the demise of one of my inferior spatulas – good riddance puny weak spatula.

I know it sounds weird to wax poetic about a spatula, but these are amazing. They hold up well to everything I’ve dished out at them, seem almost indestructible, and clean up easy in the dish washer (no worry about melting). If that were not enough, they are super reasonably priced.
I’ve told my friends about them. I know what you’re thinking – only a strange person would do that. But my friends know I’m a kitchen nerd, so this comes as no great surprise to them.
Just wondering what color to order next … guess it depends on the time of year.

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