Thing of the month – Chef’s Choice Professional Sharpening Station 130


Pretty fancy knife sharpening thing – It has a real name, but …

I base many of my purchases on Cook’s Illustrated Magazine recommendations and their accompanying PBS television programs. I love this knife sharpener because there is nothing worse, or more dangerous, than a dull knife. One of my favorite restaurants has someone come in weekly to sharpen knives. It’s a true skill. One that I do not possess.

The reason I like this sharpening station (I just won’t be typing out its slightly ridiculously long name again) is because it’s idiot proof. And in this, I am an idiot. It’s quick to sharpen and I do sharpen my knives about once a week – just to keep them in good shape – sometimes longer if I haven’t used a particular knife very much. It does take up some room on the counter, but I keep it in a drawer just below the part of the counter where I do my prep.

One caveat  – the noise is almost unbearable. Imagine the dentist, but worse. Not kidding.  I just put my headphones in and get all zen like about it. But it does not seem to work. I’ve never read the instructions, but the notes on the machine are all you really need.

It steels a blade too and that sounds so cool, but I’m not quite sure what that means. This is not cheap, but I paid about $150 for mine and I think it is well worth it. Dull blades are bad things.

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