The care and feeding of recipes

I’ve spent three evenings this week sorting through recipes. Old ones I had pulled from my binders, but … Wait for it … Never put back until I have a huge stack –  which is a super pain. A totally created-by-me problem. Ugh. Then I have all the new recipes I print of things I want to try. And those pile up as well and have to be sorted. It gets to be a bit of a pain really. Yep – pain seems to be a recurring word.

So how does one decide how to keep copies of recipes? I am, by far, a paper person. I do this because I scribble on them – making notes of things I change and even just add the dates I made something. But for my own benefit, I also save most of the things I have liked over the past several years to a little portable drive. And I guess now this blog is also a way of holding on to things too.

What does one do with a recipe that just does not work? Do you keep a copy as a reminder, a warning, or do you just trash it? I’ve had this come up a few times and I’m at a difficult decision on this. I think the blog might be a place to work out those details and I have a few in mind. Two that I tried earlier this year that totally didn’t work.

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