Chicken & Rice – should be so simple, but …

I tried to come up with a version of chicken & rice like my mom used to make and it didn’t quite make it for me. Sadness ensued.

I have no recipe from her – I don’t even think she had one, but I’ve seen her make it a million times, only a slight exaggeration. This was a dinner my mom made if I didn’t feel well. If I ever turned it down, she knew something was seriously wrong.

This dish was simple and to me, only slightly less than amazing. I would eat it weekly if offered and often ate it for every meal when there were left overs. Without a doubt, to me, it is amazing and I just love it.

But, damn it, I can’t figure out how to recreate it. I do know one part of the problem. It’s terribly hard to find a baking hen, aka an old chicken. This time I thought using dark meat – legs and thighs (bone in & skin on) would work. But one taste and I knew I was not at the promised land.

So now, my choice comes down to one thing – searching for a hen. This is a thankless task as most people (men) who work the meat counter don’t even know what a hen is after all. I had one guy try to tell me a cornish game hen was what I wanted – just wanted to smack him in the back of the head for that “bright” idea.

But I shall not give up. I just can’t. And once I figure this one out, it’s chicken and dumplings next. They are flat dumplings – I think kind of a biscuit dough – at least that’s what my mom always said. Which I also have no idea how to make.

People, if you have a recipe that you love – please get it in writing or make good notes. You will have no idea how quickly things will go away. I also do not have the recipe for Thanksgiving cornbread dressing. I have a few random notes, but …. sigh. Another recipe to recreate. Oh, and roast beef, well that’s another story entirely which includes the smoke detector going off – it is really part of the recipe. But I’m up for the challenge. Don’t get me started about pork and bean salad.


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