Happy One Year

I have an unworldly ability to handle issues. I do well under pressure. I do really kind of enjoy it. This time last year, I was unflappable.

I do get bored with an everyday kind of thing. I guess that’s why events work always appealed to me. When it all starts to go to hell, I seem to be at my best. Yes all the chairs are out for a big thing and then it rains. Who dries the chairs – me, but that’s part of the job and it’s what I do.  Think graduation at a major university in a football stadium with no rain plan – oh hell yeah. Bring it. Too bad my commencement speakers were both pervs (who knew at the time? not me).

The MotH* had a major heart attack last year – on Good Friday (4/18), no less. I was fine, until I came home and did the looking on the google and realized what we (he) had been through. Wow. I’m not even sure what to write now.

I was fine while everything was going on, but after the fact, it was difficult to realize how close we came to being parted forever.   The MotH is still with me and is really fine now. I’m not sure I deserve to be so lucky, but I thank all that is holy that I am.

*Man of the House – my wonderful husband.

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