Things our Dogs like to eat that we gladly share with them

This is not in any preference order, just as I think of them.
Peanut butter. Totally. GIR spatula really helped getting the last bit of p’nut butter out of the jar for the pups. And it’s one of those things that they just love.

Cottage cheese. They know the sound of the container opening. Even when it’s sour cream, which I don’t think they will like. But it makes the same noise, not surprising. 

Any other kind of cheese being grated, except the expensive stuff (Parmesan) and I have made that clear. You cannot have expensive cheese.

But a sandwich for the Man of the House and they do know that sound (thank you Panera) and he does like to give them cheese because that’s not his favorite thing (but it is mine).

Sweet potatoes, cooked and mashed.

Eggs, several ways. Hard boiled or scrambled, or any other way they come.

I should also do a list (there I go with the lists again) of words the GSD knows. It’s quite extensive.


Duke and Bering – my best boys.

Perhaps, also, a list of all the names and nicknames we (I) call our dogs too

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