Cooking Challenges (or a big mistake)

I have a (bad) habit of making lists of things I want to try in the cooking/baking department that I just lose track of over time.
Here are the things from 2014 that I didn’t get around to, and that begs the question; do I just chuck this list and start over or do I try again?
Or do I just stop making lists altogether?

Baking bread, real bread with yeast. Scary prospect.
Spaghetti squash – pure curiosity. There is no other explanation.
Eclairs, and by definition, Pastry cream.
Hot dog chili- no beans. Better than the stuff in the can. Because I don’t care for hot dogs, but I do love a good chili dog.

Seems an amazingly short list for me, but somehow I’m sure it will bite me in the ass just for mentioning it.

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