Sweet Potato Fries – just an unhealthy relationship


Sweet Potato Fries – a total addiction.

For the last three four weeks, I have had an unhealthy relationship with sweet potato fries. First, it should be noted that I really like them but, I never make them at home. My first experience with them was several years ago at one of my then favorite, now closed, restaurant – Jerry’s Cajun.* They served sweet potato fries as a side, but they had some cajun spice on them so they were sweet from the potato and salty and spicy from the seasoning – a great combination.

Most places I know serve them with a sweet mixture that includes cinnamon, but to me that is just overkill. Sweet on sweet is pretty boring.

So, we were a Shaggy’s several weeks ago and I ordered sweet potato fries after confirming that there would be nothing sweet put on them. Now ketchup should have nothing to do with a sweet potato fry, so I was trying to think what might be good and spicy with them and it struck me – remoulade. Shaggy’s makes their own sauces/dressings, etc., so I asked for that and it was amazingly perfect together.

Thus my slow descent into eating sweet potato fries for lunch the last three several weekends. And here we are on a Wednesday and I’m thinking about them again.

I may have to break down and beg the chef at Shaggy’s for the remoulade recipe and sort out how to make sweet potato fries at home. But somehow that would take the fun out of it.

* Jerry’s Cajun had, by far, the best roast beef & gravy po boy in Pensacola. It rivaled my NOLA favorites.
This was also the first place I had boudin — one of my favorite foods – such a favorite we took an entire trip to the area around Lafayette La to eat it at every place we could – including gas stations. But that is another story entirely. But a good story all the same.

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