Hood – The Border Collie

Hoodie Boy

Hood – The Border Collie

Well, he may not look like much of one, but I can assure you – He is. At least in his own lovely mind. We took Hood in three years ago this month. He was bred to be a service dog. The organization, I think, thought the lovely temperment of a Labrador and the smarts of a Border Collie was a good idea. Well, I’m just guessing that won’t be happening again any time soon ever. There were 4 pups in the litter and while I had never had any contact with the one female, I have met all the boys. Imagine my surprise when they all washed out. Hood supposedly washed out for a hip. I’m thinking now after three years, I know the real reason. And it’s funny ( Yes, another Doctor Who reference).

Don’t get me wrong. Hood is a wonderful dog, but you need to know what he is. He is a Border Collie, but in a short-haired Labrador body. I am every day thankful for the short hair. Having had more than one double-coated dogs, he is a blessing in this department. But a Border Collie is a working dog and a guard dog. They are, I have decided, pretty damn stubborn and guard-doggy. I am fairly confident that it was his stubbornness that washed him out. And expect the same thing happened with his brothers.

He is a lovely creature, but I’m glad I’ve had another guard dog (German Shepherd Dog) before or he would be a huge handful. Don’t let that sweet face fool you. His brain is always going, which is pretty cool, but that whole Labrador thing? Well, nothing took – at. all. Except the short hair (thankfully).

Oh, and the strange name. Well all dogs in this litter were H dogs. That’s how they do things. There was Hoodlum, Hugh, and Hudson. But there was no way I was going to yell “Hoodlum” across the dog park. And Hood now really fits. I call him Hoodie or Hoodie-Boy most of the time. He is also called pretty boy, but I think that might just embarrass him a bit.

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