Thing of the Month – J K Adams – America’s Roll Pin

I am pretty sure that I found about this amazing rolling pin through America’s Test Kitchen. It is made in D&D-9184America, which has become important to me in the last couple of years. I have lovely ideas of Vermont in the fall because we (nw fla) don’t really have a fall. Sigh. And not much of a winter either.

I purchased this to replace my older rolling pin that was heavy and a bit cumbersome. It has big handles and they are fine except when they are in the way. This new French-style rolling pin is lighter, but still can get the work accomplished and it’s not awkward or cumbersome at all.

It’s from the Dorset Vermont company J K Adams. To steal their description from their website: “American manufacturer of cutting board, rolling pins, and other serving items. All hand made in Vermont using sustainable harvested North American hardwood. Modern heirlooms that are functional and also beautiful in their simplicity.”

Part of their mission statement really got me:
“We will continually work to prove that well run companies with committed and customer focused employees (who) can grow and prosper by producing high quality products in an environmentally and socially responsible manner in the United States.”

That’s a damn cool idea, somehow I think more American companies should try this approach. I know many people purchase at the lowest cost no matter what, but I would rather buy a quality American-made product even if I had to pay a little more. But in this case you really don’t have to pay that much more..


French Rolling Pin

2014 is now 70 years. How cool is that.

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