National Margarita Day – 22 February


Margarita Day @ Shaggy’s Pensacola Beach 2014

The Man of the House and I kind of fell into Margarita Day last year. We were at our local (beach local) and had no idea such that a thing existed. And I have to say that February is totally the wrong time for a Margarita. Jeez – no one drinks a Margarita in the winter, and yes, February, is our idea of winter. I know it’s Florida, but it does get slightly seriously cold in the northern part of Florida – at least this year. Although there are times when we do wear open toe sandals in February – it’s just a perk.

You do know, visitors, that we can recognize you by the drinks you order. We do love our snow birds. I mean, they live here part time and that’s pretty cool. But when a  tourist visitor orders a Margarita in February, the same thing for you visitors ordering Bushwackers, and we just know.  You are a tourist. Sorry, we will be nice to you since you keep our taxes low-ish, but we know who you are. The rest of us are drinking beer or maybe a bloody mary or a mimosa on Sunday until we start drinking beer again. It’s just a thing.

I really think that Margarita Day needs to be moved to August. It’s when locals drink them mostly. Or a CoronaRita – hello beer and tequila. And it does work that time of year. Because while you all come here in the spring, we live here even through the dreadful months (August & September – the worst of the season) and the humidity. Again – just a thing we do.


$1 margaritas 2014

We are going to our local on Sunday (22 Feb) just to see how this all  plays out this year. I will wait until they run out of well tequila and when they shift into the good stuff, I may just have one.  Even though it is February.

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