Thing of the Month: Get it Right Spatula


Get it Right Spatula – in yellow (my favorite color)

I just lucked (is that a word?) into this.Thank you New York Times gift guide – That sounds silly, but in this case it’s true – and now that I’ve found these spatulas, I seem to see them everywhere, and understand why. I think I will be ordering several more (yes, today). This is a spatula that is silicon based and fits me perfectly.  I do love my America’s Test Kitchen recommended spatula, but to be honest, it’s a bit large for me – too long, though it does work well.

The company’s Get it Right (@GIR) mission is to revolutionize the spatula and I’m a huge fan of that. While I did not find them in their kickstarter phase, I am glad that people did because the comments were encouraging and I just went ahead and ordered my first spatula in December. It is amazing. I told the Man of the House, I may will just order one every month to replace the ones I have. The colors are lovely and varied. I ordered yellow first, because that is my favorite color. Lime green will be next, and then maybe something moody, like black. I love that they are heat proof to 464 degrees and heat resistant to 550 degrees. Not that I plan to do anything like that, but – okay – I’m a fan girl now.

I hope anyone who reads this will realize that $16 for a spatula, that is perfect, is something worth purchasing and there is no shipping fee is it’s over $10. How can you not do this? I am a total convert.

I suppose that some bloggers put a disclaimer at this point about who funded this post, but I don’t have to since… well. I love this spatula. I can’t wait to get my next one (woo hoo!). And you should too!



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