The Battle of New Orleans

The Battle of New Orleans (on Chalmette Plantation) was the last major battle of the War of 1812 on January 8, 1815.* 200 hundred years now and a victory for Andrew Jackson (5,000 soldiers defeated 7,500 British). And it kinda, sorta, took place in New Orleans-ish, but, really it took place in a part of Louisiana that most people had never heard of until Hurricane Katrina – Chalmette, Louisiana. And maybe not then either really, unless you are from the North West Gulf Coast (FL, AL, MS, LA).

We know it because when the Man of the House went in for S&R (Search & Rescue) after Katrina (2005) –  they were the first S&R group into Chalmette. The area was devastated thanks to the Mr. Go – an example of all the things that go wrong when we, humans, try to control nature (read: stupid & not good).

Read this –  not all of our Independence happened in the New England area –

And if you are really brave listen to Johnny Horton – The Battle of New Orleans (you tube it). It’s pretty silly, but you get the idea. I remember this from when I was young, but  I didn’t understand what it was about.

*I’m getting all Jane Austen on this – between Mansfield Park (May 1814) and Emma (December 1815).

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